Quintessence & Massage Wellness

Have you been in pain, an on-again, off-again pain?  

What about constant, steady, frustrating "why does this still hurt!?!?" pain?  

Is that naggy sense of body discomfort, a low level but darned annoying feeling of ugh, draining you?  

We can help you with that.

At Quintessence, we believe in the power of therapeutic medical massage, acupuncture and whole body wellness to address pain and discomfort.  Our practictioners have experienced these types of discomforts first-hand and have helped many people recover to put that pain behind them.  This is where our focus, passion and skills flourish.  We have seen how receiving regular care can help alleviate chronic pains such as: 

  • sciatica
  • carpal tunnel or thoracic outlet syndrome
  • headaches and migraines
  • upper back/shoulder pain
  • plantarfasciitis
  • TMJ dysfunction/jaw pain
  • pain associated with poor posture
  • post-surgical and post-mastectomy pain
  • along with so many other benefits 

The best part about our approach is that each treatment is designed just for you!  We conduct a thorough intake during your first visit with us. In addition to the paper health history form, on the first visit we'll also spend some time chatting with you to better understand your lifestyle and how you use your body everyday, to learn your specific goals of coming to receive massage, all so our therapists can determine the best approach for your needs.  Any visit after this simply builds on our pervious work and the greater understanding we have of your body and how you respond to massage.     

If a full-body relaxation "I just need to feel pampered" session is your preference, we have a myriad of other private practices and spas we can direct you to that specialize and excel in just that.  If a medically oriented, therapeutic massage is what you've been seeking then look no further.  Our approach offers your body a chance to relax and unwind, but in a more targeted, goal oriented way. 

Welcome to Q.  Your partner in a pain-free, live your life, best health approach to living.


Online Reservations

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